Pause your feed for specific channel

Why pause your feed?

Sometimes you might want to stop advertising your products on specific channel, but keep your rules in DataFeedWatch in case you need them later. Also, you may want to play around with your titles or desciptions, without a risk that they will be pulled to your channel and shown to your potential customers.

How to pause your feed?

  1. Go to Channels
  2. Go to options next to the feed you want to pause
  3. Click 'Pause channel'


What happens when you pause your feed?

  1. We remove the file from URL
  2. You can edit your rules and review the result in DataFeedWatch

You can activate your feed back at any time - just go to options and click 'Activate channel'. Please note that all the changes you make when your channel is paused will be applied once feed is active.

 Other updates in this release:

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