Create Rules based on Dates

From now on, you will be able to apply rules based on dates for any field in your feed. You will see an additional field for date whenever you are applying a new rule.

Why create a Date based Rule?

Let's say you are running a promotion for Summer sale offering Free Shipping but you do not want to advertise low-price products since offering Free Shipping on those products won't be feasible.

It makes sense to exclude those low-price products during the sale which is now possible due to our newly released feature.

How to create Date based Rules?

For our example, let's head to Include/Exclude Products & create an exclude rule. While creating an exclude rule, you will notice the new Date field


While selecting the date, you have multiple options to choose from. We are going to select "in between" to select a date range for our Sales campaign


And since we want to exclude low price products, we need to create another rule based on Price


By using this rule we are exlcuding all the products with price less than $10 from 10 Feb - 23 March. Similarly you can also create other type of rules like excluding products based on id or modify the price, title & other similar fields.

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