1. Go to your DataFeedWatch dashboard and click the ‘Add shop’ button.
  2. Select Lightspeed as a source.
  3. Enter a shop name, language, region and shop id. Provide your shop’s domain.
  4. Click the 'Create shop' button.

I am the shop owner

  1. Click the “Install” button next to the shop 
  2. and again when asked about the installation optionsinstallation options
  3. Log into your SeoShop admin account and click "next"
  4. Install DataFeedWatch by clicking "grant access" 

I am not the shop owner


  1. Click the “Install” button next to the shop,
  2. Click the “Get details” button when asked about the installation options.
  3. Copy the link and the token and send it to the shop owner.
  4. Wait for the shop owner to install DataFeedWatch. Once it’s done the “Install” button will change to the “Channels” button.
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