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Adding Amazon Marketplace channel

Amazon MWS Credentials

In order to link to your Amazon Markeplace account we need your Amazon MWS Credentials

  1. Please log in to your Amazon Seller Central and go to this link:
    • for US
    • for UK
    • for DE
    • for ES
    • for FR
    • for IT
    • for AU
  2. Click Sign up to MWS button on the right
  3. Scroll down the page and click an Authorize a Developer button.222.png
  4. In the new window provide the following data:
    • Application Name: Datafeedwatch
    • Application's Developer Account Number:
    • 4495-6818-6043 for US & CA
    • 7776-5136-6570 for Europe
    • 0011-2043-1742 for Australia
    and click next. 444.png
  5. Accept Amazon MWS License Agreement and allow Datafeedwatch access your Amazon selling account. Click next.
  6. Copy Seller ID, Marketplace ID and MWS Auth Token and paste it in DataFeedWatch.

ASIN numbers settings

Select whether you wish DataFeedWatch to download ASIN numbers. It is recommended to select this option if you already have products in Amazon Marketplace.

When selected, DataFeedWatch will download the ASIN numbers from your Amazon seller account and assign them to the products downloaded from your shop. Once in the system, you will be able to select ASIN as an input field. You can learn more about ASIN numbers in the ASIN-part of this Help-section.

Please also select a field that will be used as SKU in Amazon. This will be needed later on for auto-mapping and matching ASIN numbers to your products.

Processing report settings

By default, DataFeedWatch will send you a processing report every time there are errors in the feed you send to Amazon. You can disable this option or switch it to always which means DataFeedWatch will send the processing report even if there were no errors.

The processing report will be sent to the email address associated with DataFeedWatch account. It is possible to change the recipient email address in Amazon Marketplace settings.

Adding the Amazon Marketplace template

There are many different feed templates that you can use to upload your products to Amazon Marketplace. The choice depends on the category of products and the purpose of the upload.

If you are uploading your products for the first time you can use either a Listing Loader template or a category-specific template (different for each category).

Listing Loader

Listing Loader is a special kind of template which can be uploaded only via a special Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (you can download it from Amazon). Based on the product id you provide, a built-in Excel Macro will attempt to match your product with products already existing in Amazon Marketplace.

Whenever there is a clear match, the product will be assigned with an ASIN number. For product with multiple matches a manual assignment is possible.

Products not matching any existing ASIN number will not be uploaded via this template. For these products a cagegory-specific template should be used instead.

Visit Amazon Help to learn more about using this template.

Category-specific templates

Catetegory-specific templates can be used when uploading products for which no ASIN number exists in Amazon Marketplace yet or whenever you wish to extend/update an existing product specification.

Category-specific templates are very extensive and include many category-specific fields. When selecting a category-specific template in DataFeedWatch you will have 2 additional options:

  • Send the template to Amazon automatically – this option specifies if and when the template will be auto-uploaded to Amazon. By default the template will be auto-uploaded every time new products are downloaded from your shop.
  • Purge current listing and replace it with the uploaded feed – this option will remove all your products from Amazon Marketplace prior to uploading new products. Usually it is not recommended to enable this option. It is set to never by default.

Inventory Loader

Inventory Loader can be used to update prices and stock status of the products already uploaded to Amazon Marketplace. If you wish to update any other fields for a product, use category-specific template.

The Inventory Loader also enables you to auto-upload products to Amazon or purge current listings (just like the category-specific above). In addition to that, it lets you automatically disable products in Amazon, that are no longer available in your store. (So that does not apply to FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) products).

You can learn more about the different templates available in Amazon Marketplace and their usage by logging in to your Amazon Seller Central and following this link:

ASIN numbers in DataFeedWatch

ASIN numbers play a vital role in managing Amazon Marketplace via DataFeedWatch. After uploading products to Amazon Marketplace it is highly recommended to use ASIN numbers as product identifiers whenever you wish to update your products.

Whenever auto-mapping is available, DataFeedWatch will map the product id from ASIN if it exists.

ASIN numbers are downloaded to our system after each successful upload. You can also trigger downloading ASIN numbers manually from Amazon Marketplace options. Please do so every time you upload products using Listing Loader template.

You can also review and edit ASIN numbers by selecting the ‘Show ASINs’ option. ASIN numbers edited by a user will not be overwritten by the system.

We added additional filters to let you easily see for which products ASINs:

  • were assigned
  • were not assigned and
  • were edited.

Amazon Order Management

Order Management is a tool that enables Magento and Shopify merchants to sync their Amazon orders with their stores. All products sold on Amazon are updated in the store automatically, so that the number of available items is up-to-date. This ensures that merchants do not advertise out of stock products and waste money on clicks that will not convert.

Installing Amazon Order Management

The installation process may vary depending on your Shopping Cart. Please check help article dedicated to your shop:

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