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Many merchants do not have the best image in their feed. Instead, their feed contains an image that

  • shows the wrong color or variant
  • has layover text
  • shows the wrong angle

DataFeedWatch offers the Default Image Selector. It enables you to select the best picture for each product in your data feed.

All products are listed in a table with all images. Each image has a radio button.
So clicking the radio button in front of a picture sets it as default:
DataFeedWatch customers have been able to select the best image for an average of 1,500 products per hour.  It is still a tedious job, but it has proven to be a worthwhile investment, resulting in higher CTRs and more sales.

How do I map the selected images?

All selected images are saved in a new input field "dfw_images"
So in order to submit the selected images to Google or another channel, map the image-field for that channel to dfw_images and they will show up in your feed.

Where is the Image Selector?

You can find the Image Selector in Left Sidebar Menu under Default Image Selector

I cannot find the Image Selector

The image selector is not available in the Left Sidebar Menu if you have only 1 image field in your source feed; in that case there is nothing to select from and the Image Selector is disabled.

How can I see color or other attributes?

When selecting an image, you need to know which product it is. The brown or the blue one? The XL or the XS? So you can easily add a column for color or size or anything else to get the details of every product.

How can I filter products?

If you want to select a default image for just a part of your products, you can easily filter them. Filter on a category or color or variants-only or anything you want.

Image Selector for CSV – XML – TXT source files

If your source feed is a csv/xml/txt file, you need to identify your image-fields first:

How can I select an image for new products?

You can simply show all products that you recently added, by filtering on a field like ‘date added’ or ‘date created’ or a field that is available for most shopping carts: “added_to_dfw”.

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