Quick Start Guide

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Get Started with DataFeedWatch in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Map internal fields
  2. Add a channel
  3. Create a Feed
  4. Add Categories
  5. Upload your Feed
  6. Help!


  1. Map Internal fields

    You can think of internal fields as a master feed from which you can create any output feed. First you ‘map’ the fields from your store to our internal fields. Then you can use these internal fields to map every channel field:
    internal_fields_concept.pngHere you can find more details: Internal fields
  2. Add a channel

    Click Add Channel


    Select a country and the channel that you want to create a feed for.
    Click ‘Add channel’ at the bottom of the page.


  3. Create a Feed

    Don’t forget to SAVE at the bottom of the page.
    There are many other ways to optimize your your feed. Read more about
    - Map Fields
    - Exclude products  
  4. Add Categories


    To finish your feed, you need to add at least one Category:
    Read more
  5. Upload your Feed

    Your feed is ready and it is available on the URL of the output feed


    Remember that you need an account for every channel that you want to be on!
    There are several ways to get your feed to a channel, like HTTP and FTP.
    Read HOW TO UPLOAD MY FEED here: link

  6. Help!

    We offer Help in a lot of different ways:

    1. Help pages:
    2. Live Chat (orange box in the lower right corner)
    3. Mail us your questions at
    4. Schedule a demo call:
    5. Feed Set up: you can outsource your feed setup to us. Read more: link
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    I am having an issue with adding a new user to the WP Immaculate Assignments UK. I enter all the information on the form and when I click Insert i get an error. Account information failed to create, please check your data and resubmit again.
    Any idea why this is happening?

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