How to check your source feed

You often need to check what is in your source feed. You know what’s in your store, but still; reviewing the INPUT feed is often the best way to trouble-shoot any problems you have with your OUTPUT feed. DataFeedWatch offers several ways to check your source feed:

1. Show products

You can see & search all product details in the Show products section image3.pngA. Number of products At the top of the page you can see the number of products in your feedimage4.png

B. Search in your input feed You can enter any search phrase in the search box and select an input field from the dropdown. image5.pngIn this example: show all products that have the product type ‘Accessories’

C. Details: Every field for every product If you want to see every field for a certain product, you click the Details button behind a product. image6.png

2. Download all products in Excel

Sometimes a complete overview of all product data in Excel works best. This is how you download your entire feed as a CSV: image7.png

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