How to enter the correct Volusion credentials in your DataFeedWatch account

Retrieve Login and Encrypted Password in Volusion

  • Log in to the admin dashboard of your Volusion store.
  • From the menu at the top go to Inventory > Import/Exportvolusion_step1
  • Click Volusion API link.volusion_step2
  • Click Get Help link in the top right corner.
  • Click Volusion API Integration Help link at the bottom of the page.volusion_step3a
  • Select instructions for Generic Products and expand URL with Query String... section at the bottom.volusion_step3b
  • Retrieve Login and Encrypted Password (API KEY) in Volusion (Encrypted Password can be found in the URL displayed, between the EncryptedPassword= and &API_Name.volusion_step4

Provide Login and Encrypted Password in DataFeedWatch

  1. Log into your DataFeedWatch account and go to Options -> Edit shop
  2. Enter your Login and Ecrypted Password.volusion_step0

Important: Everytime you change the password to your Volusion store your API Encrypted Password changes as well. Hence, you need to provide your new API Encrypted Password in DataFeedWatch.

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