General information about uploading a data feed to Shopping Engines

Note that creating a data feed for any given shopping engine is not enough to start advertising your products. You need to take two more steps:

  1. Go to the specific Shopping Engine and create an account.
    Registration may differ from one Shopping Engine to another. Usually you need to go to the merchant center and follow the instructions. Below you can find some examples. If you have problems with creating an account, please go to their help pages or contact your Shopping Engine support. 




2. Upload  a data feed to your Shopping Engine

There are 3 common ways to upload a data feed to Shopping Engines. You can upload your feed via FTP, HTTP or from your local drive.

Below you can find instructions on how to upload a data feed from DataFeedWatch:

How to upload a data feed via FTP

How to upload a data  feed via HTTP

How to upload a data  feed manually from your local drive 

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