Google Shopping data feed specification

Optimizing your data feed for Google is easy. Merchants on Magento, Shopify and numerous other Shopping Carts are using DataFeedWatch to create a feed that is in line with all Google feed requirements:

Feed format: xml or csv

Upload options: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, Google Spreadsheet. More

Categories: not required, Google taxonomy

Full feed specification:Google

Feed sample:sample

Google fields description:


Fields with * are required.


The identifier for each item has to be unique within your account, and cannot be re-used between feeds. If you have multiple feeds, ids of items within different feeds must still be unique. You can use any sequence of letters and digits for the item id.

Google id specification.


Name of your item. We recommend you include characteristics such as color or brand in the title which differentiates the item from other products.

Google title specification.


A text describing your item. Includes only information relevant to the item. Do not include any promotional text such as "Free shipping", do not use BLOCK CAPITALS, and do not include a description of your store.

Google description specification.


The 'google product category' attribute indicates the category of the product being submitted, according to the Google product taxonomy. This attribute accepts only one value, taken from the product taxonomy tree. If your items fall into multiple categories, include only one category which is the most relevant. If you do not have this field in your input feed, please use the "Categories" tab to add Google categories. (Warning: if you choose to map this field with the field from your input feed, it will overwrite your mapping from categories tab).

Please remember that Google Shopping for every country has different categories taxonomy. You can find all those lists here:

Google Merchant Taxonomy List For All Countries

product_type (highly recommended)

This attribute also indicates the category of the product being submitted, but you can provide your own classification. Unlike the 'Google product category', you can include more than one 'product type' attribute value if products apply to more than one category. Please include the full category string.

Google product_type specification.

A link to a product page. Landing pages requiring sign ups, passwords, or direct links to files/email addresses are not allowed. Links should not contain raw ip addresses.

Google link specification.

This is the URL of an associated image for a product. Submit full-size images for your products and do not submit thumbnail versions of the images. For all apparel products, Google requires images of at least 250 x 250 pixels and recommends images of at least 400 x 400 pixels. If you have multiple images of the item, submit the main view using this attribute, and include all other views in the 'additional image link' attribute.

Google image_link specification.


The price of the item. Has to be the most prominent price on the landing page. If multiple items are on the same page with multiple prices, it has to be straightforward for the user to find the correct item and corresponding price. All submitted prices must exactly match the price displayed on your website. If you do not provide a currency with the price (e.g. 15.00 USD), Google will assume the currency is the same as that of your target country.

Google price specification.


Describes the condition of your product. Accepted values are: 'new', 'refurbished' and 'used'.

Google condition specification.


Stock status of your product. Accepted values are: 'in stock', 'out of stock', 'available for order', 'preorder'.

Google availability specification.


Brand of the product. This is required for all product UNLESS 1) You have already added GTIN and MPN or 2) You sell books, media or custom made products.

Google brand specification.


Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) for your products. These identifiers include UPC (in North America), EAN (in Europe), JAN (in Japan), and ISBN (for books).

Google gtin specification.


The manufacturer product number. Uniquely identifies the product to it's manufacturer.

Google mpn specification.


All items that are color/material/pattern/size variants of the same product must have the same item group id. If you have a “Parent SKU” that is shared by all variants of a product, you can provide that as the value for 'item group id'.

Google item_group_id specification.

This is the URL of an additional image for a product. For example, if you have images that show the product from a different angle than the main image.

Google additional_image_link specification.


Use this attribute to submit the advertised sale price of the item. When a sale is active, the sale price will be shown as the current price in Google Shopping search results.

Google sale_price specification.


Used in conjunction with sale price. This attribute indicates the date range during which the sale price applies. Start and end dates separated by a forward slash (/). The start is specified by the format (YYYY-MM-DD), followed by the letter ‘T’, the time of the day when the sale starts, followed by an expression of the timezone for the sale. The end date should be in the same format. Example: 2011-03-01T13:00-0800/2011-03-11T15:30-0800.

Google sale_price_effective_date specification.


Defines the gender of an item. Accepted values are: 'Male', 'Female' and 'Unisex'.

Google gender specification.


Defines the age group of an item. Accepted values are: 'Adult', 'Kids'.

Google age_group specification.


Defines the dominant color of an item. 

Google color specification.


Defines the size of an item. 

Google size specification.


The material or fabric that a product is made out of. 

Google material specification.


The pattern or graphic print featured on a product. For example, a t-shirt might have a logo of a sports team and have pattern values of “Bears”, “Tigers”, etc. A dress might come in two prints, and have pattern values of “Polka Dot”, “Striped”, “Paisley”, etc.

Google pattern specification.


This is the weight of the product used to calculate the shipping cost of the item. If you have specified a global shipping rule that is dependent on shipping weight, this attribute will be used to calculate the shipping cost of the item automatically.

Google shipping_weight specification.



By default, your items will also appear in Google Commerce Search if you’re submitting to Google Shopping. Include this attribute if you are using either Google Shopping or Commerce Search and you would like to exclude the item from either of these destinations. Accepted values are: Shopping and Commerce Search.

Google excluded_destination specification.


This is the date that an item listing will expire. If you do not provide this attribute, items will expire and no longer appear in Google Shopping results, 30 days after your last update. You cannot use this attribute to extend the expiration period to longer than 30 days. Format: YYYY-MM-DD. Example: 2004-08-19.

Google expiration_date specification.


Allows advertisers to specify a separate URL that can be used to track traffic coming from Google Shopping. If this attribute is provided, you must make sure that the URL provided through 'adwords redirect' will redirect to the same website as given in the link attribute.

Google ads_redirect specification.


The adult status assigned to your product listings through the ‘adult’ attribute affects where product listings can show. For example, "adult" or "non-family safe" product listings aren't allowed to be shown in certain countries or to a certain audience.

Google adult specification.


Multipacks are packages that include several identical products to create a larger unit of sale, submitted as a single item. Merchant-defined multipacks are custom groups of identical products submitted as a single unit of sale. The ‘multipack’ attribute indicates the number of identical products in a merchant-defined multipack.

Google multipack specification.

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    Vaibhav Shahu

    Can you please give sample file csv format. I download your sample file it name as csv but it in xml format.

    You said csv is supported but it is not supported.

    I have one query : How to update product value in Google shopping feed. Can you please tell me the steps ?

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