Optimizing your data feed for Become is easy. Merchants on Magento, Shopify and numerous other Shopping Carts are using DataFeedWatch to create a feed that is in line with all Become feed requirements:

Feed format: txt

Upload options: FTP

Categories: not required, Become taxonomy

Full feed specification: Become

Feed sample: sample

Become fields description

Fields with * are required. At least one of the fields with ** is required  


A UPC (Universal Product Code) is a 12 digit unique identifier that lets us match your products to existing ones in our catalog; this allows us to correctly list your products on the site and optimize your exposure.  

Mft Part**

The manufacturer part number is used together with the manufacturer to accurately identify the product and match it with our existing database (similar to UPC).  


A 10 or 13 digit unique identifier associated with books. Omit dashes.  


A 10 digit alphanumeric Amazon stock number for this product.  


The manufacturer name or brand of the product. This is used in conjunction with the manufacturer part number.  

Product URL*

This URL must take the user directly to the product page on your site for the advertised item. Tracking URLs are acceptable. URLs must begin with http://  

Product Title*

The product name should be clear and concise. Maximum length is 80 characters. No HTML and no promotional text is permitted.  


The current price the item is being sold for. Do not include a dollar sign ($) or USD.  

Product Descriptions

A short description of the product, maximum 250 characters. It is highly recommended, since good descriptions will optimize your products' exposure on the site.  


It is highly recommended that you categorize your products as close to our taxonomy to ensure the most accurate results.  

Image URL

Minimum recommended picture size is 100x100 pixels. We accept both .GIF and .JPG formats. We do not allow any embedded information in the picture, such as merchant phone number or logo.  

Promotional Text

A message visible to users, noting special offers or information. 30 character max. More information available at  


New, Used, Refurbished. If it's not provided, the products are assumed to be new.  

Stock Status

Denotes if a product is available or not.  

Shipping Price

The cost of shipping anywhere in the Continental US. Use '0' or 'free' to denote free shipping. Do not use a dollar sign ($).  

Shipping Weight

The weight, in pounds, of the product. Numerical values only, do not include "lbs".  

Bid Price

This is the CPC you would like to be charged for the item. Bids can be entered by category in the dashboard, but bids provided in the feed will override those entered through the dashboard. If no bid is entered your product will list at the category minimum rate.  


Brief, relevant keywords or search terms for the specific item (separated by ";"). Helps us optimize your listings' exposure.  


Add a collection of attributes (height, width, gigabyte, voltage) not available in the title or description of the product.  


Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price.  
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