In/Exclude Products

On this page you can specify which products you want to “send” to a given channel. You can safely skip this section if you want to advertise all your products. There are two ways to do this: by excluding or by including products.




In this case, only products fulfilling the rule(s) that you set, will be included in the output data feed. Imagine you want to sell only shoes from your whole apparel webshop. To achieve this you can build the following rule: Include products if CATEGORYTEXT includes “Shoes” At the same time you want to advertise only available products. You can add another rule that reads: Include products AVAILABILITY is "in stock".


In this case all the products fulfilling the rule(s) that you set, will be excluded from the output feed.



Imagine you are sending your products to a channel where GTIN is required. However, a few of your products don’t have GTIN, so you want to exclude these products from the output data feed. To achieve this you can build a following rule: Exclude products if GTIN is blank.


You can add multiple conditions to your rule. Imagine you want to exclude all Nike products below 50. Two separate rules would not work: all Nike products would be excluded as well as all items below 50. You need to add two conditions instead of two rules. To achieve this you can build a following rule: Exclude products if vendor includes Nike AND price is less than 50.




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