Upload a Product file (csv, xml, txt) OR Google spreadsheet

  1. Go to your DataFeedWatch dashboard and click the ‘Add shop’ button.
  2. Select Upload a feed file: csv / txt /xml /json as a source.
  3. As a ‘Feed URL’ provide an URL where your data feed resides (e.g.
    If you want to upload your data feed manually, click the 'Browse' button and select a file from your local drive.2019-01-09_1613.png
  4. Click the 'Create shop' button at the bottom of the page, under "Schedule status".2019-01-09_1616.png
  5. Google spreadsheet

Google spreadsheet download is a little different. When your Google spreadsheet is open please click share in the top right corner, the copy link from there and add it to our app (in similar way as other file formats).


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