Optimizing your data feed for Shopzilla is easy. Merchants on Magento, Shopify and numerous other Shopping Carts are using DataFeedWatch to create a feed that is in line with all Shopzilla feed requirements:

Feed format: txt

Upload options: FTP

Categories: required, Shopzilla taxonomy

Full feed specification: Shopzilla

Feed sample: sample

Shopzilla fields description

Fields with * are required.  

Category ID*

Shopzilla Category ID number of the category in which you would like your product to be listed.  


Maker of the product  


Name of the product, and should be true to the actual product. Titles should be as clear and concise as possible. Please use all available information when stating what the product is. This would include gender, material, color, model number, and brand name. Note: do not use promotional language such as "free shipping" or "sale item".  


The product description should accurately represent the product listed, provide additional product information and enhance relevancy. Note: only the first 255 characters are displayed on the site and factor into relevancy. Do not use promotional language such as “free shipping” or "sale item".  

Product URL*

" URL (link) to the page you would like consumers to go to when they click on your product listing. "

Image URL

" URL of the product image on your site. The URL must link to the actual image and not to an html page. Image size should be at least 200x200 pixels and no greater than 1000x1000. "


SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit and is a unique designator for each listing in the feed. Most SKUs are manufacturer part numbers, manufacturer model numbers, UPCs, or ISBNs. To locate SKUs, check the individual manufacturer websites.  


Give information if the product is currently available on the website. If no information is provided in your Availability column, our system will default to "See Site".  


This field designates the state of the product.  

Ship Weight

The weight of the product (in pounds). This field is required if the store's shipping costs are determined based on an item's weight.  

Ship Cost

Flat shipping cost for the product. This field should contain the lowest amount a buyer would be required to pay to ship that product, and that product only, within the United States. Note: Shipping cost included in the feed file will override any rules set using the Shipping Tool on the Business Services website.  


This is an optional field and recommended only for those merchants programmatically setting their product bids.  

Promotional Code

This field is used to add promotional text next to the product. You may specify up to two code numbers. If using two codes, please be sure to have a space between each number.  


UPC stands for Universal Product Code.  


Price of the product before tax or shipping. Do not include any rebates, coupons or bulk discounts.
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