Optimizing your data feed for Shopmania is easy. Merchants on Magento, Shopify and numerous other Shopping Carts are using DataFeedWatch to create a feed that is in line with all Shopmania feed requirements:

Shopmania fields description

Fields with * are required.


A unique product code identifier by which the products are identified in your store. It’s recommended that the code does not change overtime.


The name of the product as it appears on your site.


The URL to the product page.


The product price must include all the taxes, except for the shipping cost, which must be displayed in a separate field. We do not allow prices that are available only for a specific customer category.The price should not contain the currency: USD.


Must contain your site’s category with the full path from the root category to the category where the products are listed.


The URL to the product’s main image. We recommend submitting a large size image with good quality that matches your product. We do not allow any embedded information in the picture, such as watermark, logo or promotional text.


The price currency. Example: USD. If no value is entered the default site currency will be used.


Contains specifications regarding the availability of a product. The values accepted for this field are: In Stock, Out of stock, Available for order, Preorder


The manufacturer’s name or brand of the product.


The manufacturer’s assigned part number for the product


The primary set of unique product identifiers are the Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs), which include UPC - Universal Product Code, EAN - European Article Number (in Europe) and ISBN - International Standard Book Number.


This is the product shipping cost. In order to display the shipping cost included in the feed you must check this option "Individual product shipping prices" in the Settings - Shipping settings section in your account. The shipping cost should be expressed in the same currency as the product price. The shipping cost must include all applicable taxes. Free shipping should be indicated by zero (0.00).


The product description; do not use HTML tags, Javascript code, images or any other type of multimedia file. Must not contain promotional language, price discounts, html tags, shipping costs or text in capital letters only.

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