Optimizing your data feed for Pricegrabber is easy. Merchants on Magento, Shopify and numerous other Shopping Carts are using DataFeedWatch to create a feed that is in line with all Pricegrabber feed requirements:

Feed format: txt

Upload options: HTTP, FTP

Categories: required, Pricegrabber taxonomy

Full feed specification: Pricegrabber

Sample feed: sample

Pricegrabber fields description

Fields with * are required.  


The Retsku is your internal product ID number. It must be unique, and it must remain the same in every feed. Retskus must not be reused even if you stop listing the product in your feed. Sequential Retskus (1, 2, 3... ) are not recommended.  

Product Title*

Name of the product being sold. Titles should not be in ALL CAPITALS or contain any promotional or merchant-specific text (for example, "Free Shipping"). Please do not include the Manufacturer Name in the Product Titles (exceptions are Golf Clubs and Fragrances/Colognes). Product Titles should be descriptive in addition to stating what the product actually is, so users can easily find your product.  

Detailed Description*

Thorough but concise description of the product. Detailed Descriptions should contain information relating only to the item. They should not contain any promotional or merchant-specific text.  

Product URL*

Link leading directly to the product on your site. If you are selling a product that comes in multiple colors or sizes, it's recommended to have the link go to the product with the color and size options preselected.  

Primary Image URL*

Link leading directly to the product's image. If you are selling a product that comes in multiple colors or sizes, the image should show the specific color and size of the product being listed. Watermarked, popup images, and inappropriate images are not accepted. Larger images are preferable to smaller or thumbnail images.  

Selling Price*

Current selling price of the item. Prices should be provided in the appropriate currency (US Dollars for, Pound Sterling for, Canadian Dollars for  


Condition of the item being sold.  

Manufacturer Name*

Manufacturer or brand name of the product.  


Category text indicating where the product belongs on site. It is best to use PriceGrabber's taxonomy format, but we are able to accept any category text, as long as it clearly states the category of the product. Category text should have sufficient detail; for example, "Indoor Living > Cat Supplies > Litter Boxes" as opposed to "Indoor Living".  


UPC (US, Canada): Unique code of 12 numbers. EAN (Europe): Unique code of 13 numbers. Usually found adjacent to the bar code on the product packaging. Submission is highly recommended for all products.  

Manufacturer Part Number

Manufacturer-issued part number for the product. The MPN is case-insensitive. Duplicate MPNs should not be submitted, as only the first product will be recognized. All other duplicates will be dropped (required for certain Home & Personal categories)  

Alternate Image URL

If you are submitting multiple images for a single product, the Alternate Image URLs should lead directly to images displaying different angles or views of the product. You can submit up to 8 Alternate Image URLs.  

Regular Price

Regular selling price of the item.  


Required for books, a unique universal code of 13 numbers or letters.  


Indicates availability of the product.  

On Sale

Indicates whether the product is on sale.  

Video URL

Link leading to a video review for the product.  


Indicates the color of the item. If multiple colors, please separate the colors with commas.  


Indicates the size of the item. If multiple sizes, please separate the sizes with commas.  


Indicates the material which is used to make the item. For example: Cotton, Leather, Suede, etc.  


Indicates the gender for whom the item is intended.  

Shipping Cost

Lowest shipping fee available for the product. For additional information about shipping, see site.  


The product's shipping weight.  
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