Optimizing your data feed for Linkshare is easy. Merchants on Magento, Shopify and numerous other Shopping Carts are using DataFeedWatch to create a feed that is in line with all Linkshare feed requirements:

Linkshare fields description

Fields with * are required.


The numeric value Rakuten LinkShare assigns to identify each advertiser.


The name of the Advertiser. This is Advertiser-defined and may change.

Product ID*

Unique ID that is used to identify a product. It must be an integer greater than 2 and have less than 31 total numbers. All future references to a given product use this ID.

Product Name*

Product name.

SKU Number*

SKU Number.

Primary Category*

Primary product category, as defined by you. Please use top-level category (Apparel) or bottom-level category (Jeans) only.

Secondary Category(ies)

Secondary product categories, delimited with double tildes (~~).

Product URL*

URL of the product page.

Product Image URL*

URL of product image. This will be an absolute URL.


URL of shopping cart with product.

Short Product Description*

Short description of product in plain not HTML.

Long Product Description

Long description of product.


Relies on discount type (below) to determine how to apply. If Discount Type is amount, then discount is deducted. If it is percentage, then percentage is deducted.

Discount Type

Values: amount or percentage.

Sale Price

This price reflects any discounts. Formatted as either 20 or 20.00 for a twenty dollar sale price.

Retail Price*

This price does not reflect any discounts. Formatted as either 20 or 20.00 for a twenty dollar retail price.

Begin Date

Date that the product becomes available.

End Date

Date that the product ceases to be available.


Brand name.


The cost of the default shipping option available.

Is Deleted Flag*

N if product should appear in the interface, otherwise Y. Default is N.


Keywords for searches, delimited with double tildes (~~).

Is All Flag*

Y if product is to appear in all offers. Otherwise N. Default is Y.

Manufacturer Part #

Manufacturer's part number (may sometimes be the same as SKU).

Manufacturer Name

Manufacturer's name.

Shipping Information

Text-based shipping information – provides details on the default shipping option.


Denotes whether the product is in stock.

Universal Product Code

Universal Product Code.

Class ID*

Classification ID based on product type (see class definition table). Note, that you can add optional fields that are specific to each class.

First add a new class and then you can create optional fields connected with selected class:

Below you can see the list of all optional fields connected with each class:

Is Product Link Flag*

Y if product is to be offered to publisher as Individual Product Link in Create Links section. Otherwise N.

Is Storefront Flag*

LinkShare retired this feature in August 2011. Please enter N.

Is Merchandiser Flag*

Y if product is to be offered to publisher in Merchandiser product file FTP. Otherwise N.


The three-character ISO Currency Code. Default is USD.


Blank field unless other arrangements have been made.

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