Optimizing your data feed for Sell is easy. Merchants on Magento, Shopify and numerous other Shopping Carts are using DataFeedWatch to create a feed that is in line with all Sell feed requirements:

Sell fields description

Fields with * are required.


Unique identifyer for the listing. This will not be visible. The ID should not change for the life of the listing.


The name or brief description of your product. Currently, we display the first 80 characters.


Your product description in detail. Allowed following basic HTML formatting tags to enhance the description.


The URL of the item/product on the website. category number

The category identification number. This number will override Google's "product type" field. If we do not know where to place your listing, it will still appear in searches, but may not appear when someone browses our categories.

product type

One Google product category in text format. Use the most specific category for the item. This will help place the listing. If there is more than one category, the first one will be taken. This field is not necessary if the " category number" field is included.


The name of the items maker.


Describes the condition of the product.

image link

A list of comma-separated URLs indicating the image locations. The first URL should be your best image of the product because the first image will be the most prominent image in your listing.


Either the 10 or 13 digit number associated with a book.

model number

The product number assigned by the manufacturer.


The manufacturer's part number.


The price of your item in US Dollars. The price should not include the dollar sign.


The 12 digit number below the bar code.


Describe the amount and unit of weight.

daily featured

Your per day featured level. Featured listings receive priority placement on home, search, and category browse pages. The more you spend, the higher your listing priority. If your rate plan already has preferred placement, your daily featured will increase your priority further.


Use "y" to bold your listing title in search results. Cost per listing is about $0.03 per day. Non-basic rate plans may include bold at no additional cost.


Use "y" to highlight your listing in search results. Cost per listing is about $0.03 per day. Non-basic rate plans may include highlight at no additional cost.


Specify the order the listings should be displayed in your store. Listings with higher display_priority numbers will appear first and above listings without a display_priority.


Describe the color details.

compatible with

If you are selling a part or accessory, list out the products that your item fits.


Describe the number and unit of measurement.


Describe the number and unit of measurement.

online only

Use "y" when the item is only available for purchase online. Use "n" if there are also other ways to purchase the item.

payment accepted

(cash, check, visa, mastercard, americanexpress, discover, or wiretransfer) Describe the payment methods you accept in a comma-separated list.


The number of items you have for sale.


Describe the number and unit of measurement.


The four digit year the item was produced.

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