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Most of the channels require advertisers to provide categories for their products. Each channel has its own taxonomy (category names) that advertisers have to follow.

On this page you can easily categorize your products according to the taxonomy provided by a given channel.


Default Category

Enter the most generic category that applies to your products. If none of the rules specified below applies to a given product, this will be used instead

Detailed Categories

Add more categories to better categorize your products. You don’t need to do this separately for each product. Use rules instead.


Imagine an advertiser selling ski equipment, creating a data feed for Google Shopping. To best categorize his products he could add:

A default category: Skiing

and following rule-based categories:

Ski Boots for all products where product name includes phrase “boots”

Ski Bindings for all products where product name includes phrase “bindings”

Skis for all products where product name includes phrase “skis”

Auto-generated category rules

If you want to add specific categories for all your shop categories or brands, you do not have to add all rules one by one. DataFeedWatch enables you to create a list of rules based on all values that we can find in your source field.

Select a field that you would like to use and click the '+ Generate' button. Below you will see the list of rules for all your values. If you do not want to add categories for all of them, you can leave the category blank.

* This tool is especially useful in managing your Google Shopping channels. If you want to read more about Google Product Categories, please visit our blog post connected with this topic:

Google Product Categories

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