Introduction to internal fields

You can think of internal fields as a master feed from which you can create any output feed. First you ‘map’ the fields from your store to our internal fields. Then you can use these internal fields to map every channel field:internal_fields_concept.png

How to map internal fields

1. You can create Internal fields by ‘renaming’ them from the fields that we downloaded from your store (input fields):

2. You can also create internal fields for attributes that you don’t have in your source feed:

3. Click  Add internal field button to add more. You can name the additional fields yourself or you can select a field from the list:

Add as many internal fields as you can!

How to use internal fields to create your shopping feed

When you start creating feeds for Google or other Shopping channels you can now map an ‘output field’ from your internal fields, but you can also map it from an input field if you prefer that: 

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